I love to produce commercial photography that tells a story and grabs your customer’s attention immediately. Whether these images are backgrounds for design work, the centerpiece of a website or print ad, or for your brand’s social media they are effective at communicating with your audience at a glance and they stand up to continued inspection. Reach out to discuss how I can best express your story visually.

Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU)

Commercial photography to be used with typography in designs for WECU‘s Penny Campaign.

Bellingham Cocktail Week

Dramatic editorial portraits, retouched architectural photography, and studio product photography arrangements for Bellingham Cocktail Week.

Bellingham at Work

Editorial Portraits of Bellingham-based business owners and professionals in their work spaces. For use in advertising by individual business owners and published on and in the Cascadia Weekly.

Space Weed

Product photography and creative website and social media content for cannabis brand Space Weed.


Editorial photos produced for articles, abstractbusiness directory category header images and product photography.

Downtown Bellingham Partnership

Event photography in an urban graffiti style captured for the Downtown Bellingham Partnership. For use in print and digital campaigns promoting events.